My 7 Favorite Benefits of Practicing Yoga – Olga Okenfold


  1. Yoga gives you a full body workout triggering lots of different muscles, may be even ones you never knew about before, making you stronger and flexible, gives you muscle stability and balance. Try just 5 “Salutations to the Sun” a day and notice the difference in your fitness level.Depending on yoga style you can burn about 500 calories during 1 hour class!
  2. The only equipment you need is your body and a positive mind. Even a yoga mat is optional.
  3. Yoga is non-competitive. You don’t have to be “good at Yoga”. You don’t have to look the same as your friend next to you, but you can be inspired by your friend.

When you practice Yoga please be comfortable or uncomfortable but not in pain. If you feel pain then back off. Even in a half-way posture you will have the same benefits.

  1. Yoga never gets boring! Only in the Anusara Yoga syllabus are there 250 postures. There is always something more! Moving from the basics to radical expansion.
  2. Yoga improves your posture, for ladies especially after pregnancy. Yoga helps you to bring your body back to shape. Definitely proven on my own experience having 5 children.
  3. Yoga elevates you mood and calms your mind. Upside down postures are a quick fix for me!
  4. Yoga helps you to make new friends! With the growing popularity of Yoga you are bound to find classes at your local studio or gym and meet like-minded friends.

With gratitude to all teachers, “Namaste”from Olga.

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