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Yoga 1-1

Yoga 1-1

If you thought Yoga is always practiced as part of a class, think again. There are many advantages in having a private or 1-1 Yoga class.

If you are suffering from stress, have current or on-going mobility problems, recovering from illness or injury this maybe the way to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.  Alternatively you may be ready to take your current posture or meditation practice to another level?

If your first thought is “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” you are the perfect candidate! Being flexible and strong is one of the many benefits of yoga and not a pre-requisite.

Surveys have shown that Dru Yoga:

– Reduces stress and tension

89% were better able to handle stress

69% had more positive sleep patterns

 – Eases back problems

93% experienced greater flexibility in spine and joints

84% experienced an improvement in overall body tension.

Enhances physical energy and vitality

85% experienced a boost in their energy levels

82% noticed an improvement in strength and stamina.

92% felt an improvement in body awareness.

In the world’s first randomised controlled trials into the benefits of yoga in the workplace, Dru Yoga has been shown to significantly decrease back pain, increase performance under stress and boost confidence and emotional wellbeing

Helps with sports too!

Golf and Yoga

Golf and Yoga

” Dru Yoga Therapy has really benefitted my game as a Professional golfer.  It has improved my flexibility, core strength, balance and endurance.  The breathing and meditation techniques have helped focus my mind when under pressure and created a winning mentality.”  Sam W.  Eastbourne.

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SPECIAL OFFER during May!!


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