The Benefits of Podiatry

Dawn Shailer is the Podiatrist and Chiropodist at the Natural Fitness Centre. She writes….

‘There are over 200 musculoskeletal conditions affecting millions of
people, adults and children …… and it is estimated that up to 30%
of all GP consultations are about musculoskeletal complaints’
(DH, 2006a).

“I am often helping people come back after an injury or a describing a pain that has got worse”

Are you recovering  after an injury?
Do you have a broken bone that is healing?

If a broken bone in your foot has changed the way you walk, or you have  noticed a member of your family suffering compensatory pain of the lower limb. Maybe it’s time for a Bio Mechanic Assessment?

Dawn is trained under Shane Toohey and her methods include screening leg length discrepancies from pelvic equilibrium.  She works with Strengthening and stretch regimes and mobilisations to promote joint function

Dawn has expert knowledge of soft tissues slips and strains  and further imaging or screening you may need.


Until the 17th October Dawn is offering

20 % off total cost of  Musculo Skeletal assessment & treatments

  • This podiatry special is for patients who are:
    Considering Orthotics, Insoles or more specialised in shoe devices
  • Sports Taping & strapping for rehabilitation
  • Podiatry for Acupuncture ( conditions such as knee /feet osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis

( This offer only applies to MSK – Biomechanic Podiatry
Chiropody treatments will need to be arranged separately from November)

Dawn Shailer MChS


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