Personal Colour and Style Consultations

Personal Colour ConsultationPersonal Colour and Style Consultations – £95 (Both for £175)

Discover the colours and styles that make you feel and look confident and glowing.


Get to know the colours that make your skin glow with health and vitality. your personality, eye colour, the way the coloured drapes look against your skin.   Will provide information to establish your Season, or colour combinations that work the best for you. Bringing your colour palette together for your own unique wow factor.

There will be plenty of tips and advice on making the very best of your existing wardrobe and you will learn how to use colour to look and feel fabulous always. You may find that you look younger and more energised in your optimal colours.

The session will also include a mini facial and make up lesson



[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right”][/image_frame]Stuck in a rut? Do you get up and look at your wardrobe and feel disheartened and end up wearing the same thing everyday?   Solve this problem by making sure you are using 100% of your wardrobe instead of 10%.

Find out your Style Personality, what shapes, fabric and styles suit you best and how to make the very best of what you already have.

You will also learn how to shop like an expert to save both money and time.

Both these fun and informative sessions last about 2 hours, book them both together and save £15

Alison Brown



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