Essensa Organic Hot Stone Facial

Essensa Organic Hot Stone Facial – 60 mins – £49

A luxurious, pampering and relaxing approach using the finest and purest of products will revitalise, energise and purify your skin. The organic products will also help slow down the aging of the skin. Warm Basalt stones aid lymph drainage and promote deep relaxation. (Can be without stones).

The Essensa 3 Dimensional Approach guarantees great results and works on a multi-faceted level, targeting each client’s individual needs.

A full facial provides a deeper elimination of toxins and blockages with a lymphatic drainage massage.

Essensa organics products use the finest of plant and flower essences found in nature in the heart of Provence, France. Essensa captures the ‘life essence’ of plants with exceptional care. These products will revitalize, energise and purify the skin with the aim of balancing the Yin and Yang.

Linda Veness            

EssensaEssensa Mature Skin

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