Hypnotherapy –  From £60

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to make positive, lasting changes to your life, and can be used to treat a number of different issues as well as make improvements to every day living.

Hypnosis is the method that helps your unconscious mind make positive changes to your behaviours and habits quickly and easily, changing your thought patterns and feelings for these different issues.

Old unwanted patterns of behaviour, such as smoking, addiction and phobias, can be removed and new, desired behaviours implemented, all at an amazing pace.

Many health issues such as:

  • stress
  • migraine
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • IBS
  • and many others……. 

Furthermore hypnotherapy can also help to enhance many positive issues to improve life, such as increased confidence, levels of success & happiness and enhance sports ability, reduce stress levels and improve relaxation.



Hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most successful way to rid you of your phobia for good.

Suffering from a phobia, places unnecessary limitations on what you do in life.  The good news is hypnosis can set you free.  Imagine living your life without limitations, such as taking your first flight or being able to go to the dentist without fear. Hypnotherapy is the solution to conquer your phobia once and for all.  No more anxiety, no more fear, just the freedom to live life to the full.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy


Stop smoking in just one session with stop smoking hypnosis.  If you want to quit smoking, hypnosis is the fastest and most effective method available.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most effective way to stop smoking for good. Statistically it is between two and five times more effective than all other methods including nicotine replacement therapy (patches & gum) and any available drug.

Remove your cravings and nicotine addiction in just one session giving you the healthy, habit free, life you desire.

Smoking will be ruining your health, your looks and your fitness.  Your life will be so much better in every way as a non smoker.

I specialise in helping people stop smoking easily and effortlessly in one session.

Hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking fast and remain a non smoker.  Hypnotherapy has been proven to be more successful than all other stop smoking treatments on the market.

Sophie Thornton         www.geminitherapies.co.uk   Hypnotherapy Stones





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