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Coaching is a widely-used term with various meanings, depending on the situation. The term coaching refers to methods of helping others improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims and manage change and personal challenges. Coaching commonly addresses attitudes, behaviours, and knowledge, as well as skills, and can also focus on physical and spiritual development too.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, which is a psychological coaching model, focuses in a more holistic manner on any aspect of life a person wants to improve. For example, becoming more assertive with friends and family, dealing with situations an individual may have avoided for fear of looking silly or being rejected.  Coaching helps people overcome personal blocks such as taking up a healthier lifestyle and encourages individuals to make the most of their most precious resource – themselves.

Although Business and Life Coaching are seen as separate activities many people find they are linked. Sometimes what seems like a business problem may have its origins in the past and connect with other life factors.

Coaching is……..


  • Practical
  • Skill based

    Individually tailored to each person’s requirements


    Fitted around an individual’s life and needs


    Result driven


    Usually short-term


    Based in the present and the future


    Not a substitute for personal motivation – the person still has to take responsibility for the changes they make and the amount of work they choose to do!

Ian Phillips
Kirsty Peckham
Gladeana McMahon

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