Colour Aromatherapy

Colour Aromatherapy Massage – £50 – £60

Involves a more in depth consultation than standard Aromatherapy, to determine which colour vibration is required to further rebalance and re-energise the nervous system

Colour Aromatherapy

This is a specialised aromatherapy treatment of relaxing face and body massage, includes essential oils blended according to their colour vibration.

An initial consultation reveals your personal therapeutic blend. A combination of acupressure, neuro-muscular massage and essential oils, plant and flower essences, helps to rebalance the nervous system and induce a sense of well-being.

Colour affects us in many ways, i.e.

The pink vibration of rose essential oil opens the heart to feel compassion for ourselves and others.
The green vibration permeates the nervous system to calm, balance and heal.

Jan Styles

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