Weight Loss

Weight Loss

If you really want to make lasting change, dieting just doesn’t work! It’s more about making changes that fit in with your lifestyle and that you are happy to make.

Most people who want to lose weight have tried many diets, are successful but then pile the weight back on. It’s the reason slimming clubs make so much money! If everyone managed to lose the weight and keep it off, they wouldn’t make much money!

Tracy uses a fantastic approach to Weight Loss, it’s focused on YOU, rather than simply diet plans. Together you look at what the underlying reason is why you eat what you eat, despite knowing it’s not good for your health. With coaching, Tracy can help you make better food choices for life, not just for the next few months or so.

She works with Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life programmes which are based on balancing blood sugar levels which in term help with the cravings which often come when you are trying to lose weight.

Look at her website www.naturalnutrition.co.uk for more information or call the Natural Fitness Centre to book a FREE 20 minute consultation over the telephone.

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