Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox – From £30
[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right”][/image_frame]Feet are immersed in a special footbath using electrolytic flow, you will feel relaxed and energised.

Aqua Detox is a safe, effective and convenient way of encouraging the body to detoxify and re-balance its energy fields and cells.

The Aqua Detox apparatus provides a frequency of positive and negative ions which stimulate the cells in the body.

  • Helps to regulate the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues
  • Aids the proper excretion of waste products (toxins)
  • Aqua Detox treatments can be combined with other therapies

Clients have found that aqua detox can be a useful tool as part of their detox programme.

Aqua Detox and Reflexology Combo – £47

Mix both for a unique and revitalising treatment.

Mix Aqua Detox with Reflexology for a unique and revitalising treatment

Combined with reflexology, this treatment aims to relax, de-stress and restore good health to mind and body

Linda Veness                                                   aqua-detox

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