Exercise,  Massage and English SummersCaro Haynes

The weather during an English summer is normally hit and miss so when we do have sunshine and warmth, many of us head out to the beach to swim or for long walks in the countryside.

Fresh air and sunshine are definitely good for us but a day-long walk over the downs or strenuous swimming can result in some unaccustomed aches and pains- those poor calves and shoulders, not to mention aching feet.

Massage could be the answer? A rejuvenating or Deep Tissue massage can really sort out aching legs, backs and shoulders or a Thai Foot Massage can be blissful for the feet and lower legs. Imagine a beautifully relaxing ‘drift off to your own desert island’ full body massage?  Adding to the benefits of all that fresh air and movement.Palm Tree




In experiments, researchers discovered the volunteers who had a massage after a strenuous cycling session had less inflammation of their muscles than those who had no treatment.  Massage stimulates Mitochondia, which are the tiny powerhouses inside cells that convert glucose into the energy essential for cell function and repair.

I would love to advise you on the type of massage that could suit you best and I am happy to discuss this before we begin or at the time of making the appointment.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Why not take advantage of my Summer offer.

This August 2016

New clients can enjoy a Summer Special Offer, giving your muscles a treat with a one hour massage normally £45 for August only, £39

Information taken from an article by Nicholas Bakalar

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