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We really care about the whole of you, so we want you to have access to the best possible products to use inside and out!


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We are passionate about all aspects of health and wellbeing.  So when it comes to what we wash our hair and bodies with, which deodorant and toothpaste we use and even which lipstick, we need to know that all our products are safe and natural.  It is vital for us that nothing contains any parabens, harsh chemicals or animal by-products.  We believe that products should not be tested on animals and should be vegan and gluten free.

Arbonne provides all of this and more……  


There are over 400 premium, products, for men, women and children.  Whether you want anti aging, special treatments, basic skin care and nutrition, we have it all.

Because of Arbonne’s  ethical, green standards and state of the art research and development,  you can have complete confidence that what you are putting on your skin or inside your body works and is good for you.

Message from Alison

“For many years I have been very concerned about the damage that chemicals in skin care, makeup and every day personal care products can do to our bodies. Causing breakouts, digestive issues and in recent studies even shown to promote some cancers!  I do believe that when we enjoy our  modern lifestyles we can’t always avoid everything that is harmful – just walking along the street we ingest traffic fumes.  But we can avoid toxic overload by being careful what we absorb.  The skin is our largest organ and what we put on it is absorbed into our systems and harmful substances have to be filtered by our liver.  Making some simple changes in the products we use can leave our bodies free to deal with the things we can’t avoid” 

Alison is happy to offer free skincare analysis and will lend out products to try. Please call, message or just shop here

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NFC Gift Vouchers

NFC Gift Vouchers make the perfect present whether it be a relaxing AROMATHERPY or FACIAL for Mum or Sister, a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE for Husband or Brother, a COLOUR ANALYSIS for your Best Friend or CLASS VOUCHERS for work colleagues.

Vouchers are available to purchase over the phone, we can post them out to you, or why not pop in have a look around and chat to our friendly reception staff.

Vouchers can be bought for any amount and are valid for a 6 month period.

Please note that vouchers cannot be used for all of our classes so please check before booking.



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