Tracy Fuller

Tracy Fuller – Nutritional Therapist


I believe that we all have the ability to feel great, whatever our age and current health condition. When you follow a health plan that really works for you and find balance in your life it is possible to THRIVE. We are made of energy, so it makes sense that we have plenty of it, it’s just what your body is currently using that energy for. Is it in defence or is it for repair and restoration?

  • Naturopathic Nutritionist. Member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP)
  • Health and Weight Loss Coach with Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life
  • Qualified in the use of Qest4 Bio-resonance body screening system

My mission is to help people reach their health and/or weight loss goals. I realised that Nutritional Therapy is one way to help people, but it is often not enough when someone has been struggling for years with their condition. Joining Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life Coaching Programme is what was missing as coaching establishes what motivates that person so we can create a positive environment of change and keep them focussed and motivated towards their new goals.

Also using the Qest4 helps me pinpoint the root of my client’s problems, resulting in a more effective treatment. Not only does it very quickly give me a complete and unbiased picture of what’s going on in a person’s body, but it shows you what treatments will be effective for that individual. Using the test plate, I can determine what dosages will be the most effective.


Intolerance/health testing

My Qest4 Bio-resonance system can not only test food intolerances it can also test for allergic responses and get to the bottom of why you feel like you feel.

The Qest4 is like a body detective and can access what is going on which makes you feel like you do. It is the latest most up to date Bio-resonance system and can test over 40,000 different energetic signatures.

A comprehensive assessment using the Qest4 enables me to test the entire body within minutes, revealing the root cause of any symptoms.

Weight loss programmes

Tried all the diets under the sun, but feel a failure once more?

Wake up each morning saying “today’s the day I don’t eat chocolate/crisps etc” but by lunchtime you are dipping in again?  So you feel a failure once more?

Not sure what to try next?

It is so difficult to achieve long lasting weight loss just by going on yet another diet. Diets just DON’T work, which you probably know which is why you dread having to “try again”.

I am proud to be a Zest4life Practitioner, working with Patrick Holford, which means that I can offer a unique Weight Loss Programme that WILL make a difference to how you view food.

Why is this unique?  The programme is about YOU, we work on helping you find the answers yourself using tried and tested coaching tools.

For more information see my website


Nutritional Therapy is all about getting the right ingredients in your body so you can be healthier, happier and have loads of energy. It is helpful in balancing hormones, repairing the digestive system, getting rid of inflammation and pain, and many other ailments.  I educate my clients and coach them on helping them THRIVE and not just survive


“I feel better than I have felt for years, just after seeing Tracy twice. The Qest4 bio-resonance testing I had was amazing and with the remedy and diet changes I soon felt so much better.”     AB (Eastbourne)

“I have felt more committed to lose weight since being coached by Tracy. She really motivates me and keeps me on track.”   LS (Bexhill)

“After just 3 days I started feeling better, I’m so pleased with the results so far and look forward to continuing to work with Tracy.”


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