Lynne Matthews

Lynne Matthews – Yoga Teacher


I believe that asking for help and support on our journey is important, but ultimately, we need to take responsibility for our own health and happiness. We as practitioners can only help you, heal yourself!

I was initially drawn to Complimentary Therapies and Yoga in the 90s as a way of avoiding major back surgery.

Reiki and Cranial Sacral Therapy were my first experiences of non medical intervention.

When I first tried Yoga, I was blown away by how simple stretching could help alleviate the pain and tightness I constantly felt. So impressed, I just had to do my training.

My primary Yoga training was in a modern system called Sivinanda. This is quite a physical modality, a good introduction.

I soon met my present Teacher, and realised that the practice of the Tradition of Shiava Tantra Yoga would be much more fitting for my nature. This system is non religious, and very much a non- cognitive psychotherapy for body and mind. With diligence of practice, this has resulted in me becoming much happier, more liberated and much more balanced in both body and mind.

  • Yoga teacher training. World wide
  • Thai Massage: General, advanced, pre and post natal, specific therapy interventions including-the treatment of headaches and migraines, sciatica, pelvic misalignment, back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, TMJ problems, digestive disorders, knee and foot pain, to mention but a few.
  • Osteo Thai Diaphragmatic release – dealing with respiratory issues
  • Reiki- Teacher and practitioner
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

I would describe the style of Yoga that I teach as Village Ha-tha with an influence of Shiava Tantra. This is predominantly floor based, the focus on the breath and the release of stress and tension in the system. Ideal for all ages and abilities, people with injuries/disabilities, or recovering from illness, either mental or physical.

My interest and joy of Yoga has led me to train in Reiki, Traditional Thai massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy over the years.

I believe that a fusion of these therapies and yoga have prevented me having any surgeries and continue to keep me fit, healthy and injury free.


“Lynne’s style of Yoga teaching is very friendly and down to earth. She incorporates poses with variations, suitable for all levels so you can work as hard as you want to any particular day.

Lynne also includes interesting bits of information about Yoga and some wonderful relaxation. A great class”.
Catherine (Eastbourne)


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