Jane Gochin

Jane Gochin – Balletcise Teacher


I am a strong believer in eating sensibly and taking regular exercise in whatever form is preferred, whether walking the dog along the beach, taking exercise classes or, in my case, dancing. Whilst we cannot control our health except to a very small degree, any form of movement is generally good for both body and soul.

  • My qualifications are to the Advanced level (ARAD) in classical ballet
  • I trained as a professional ballet dancer with the Rambert School of Ballet, (Ballet Rambert) and then danced for several seasons before marrying and having children
  • I teach a ballet exercise class for adults

I am now retired and was delighted to have the opportunity to begin dancing again 8 years ago when another RAD trained teacher started the Balletcise class at the Natural Fitness Centre. When she became pregnant over six years ago, she invited me to take over the class and it has continued to thrive. Some of the pupils took ballet dancing lessons as children, but others had never danced before joining the class. We start the class with traditional ballet exercises before moving on to choreographed dances. The emphasis is on increasing fitness through the medium of dance, whilst enjoying the spiritual pleasure of ballet combined with having fun.


“I enjoyed several years of ballet classes as a child, now 30 years on I attend Jane Gochin’s Balletcise class and absolutely love it! The ladies are lovely and we always have lots to laugh about. Jane is a lovely teacher, she is patient, knowledgeable with a great sense of humour. As well as having lots of fun all the ladies’ ballet skills have improved beyond our expectations in a matter of months. We are all there to enjoy the beautiful music and feel graceful no matter what our level of fitness/flexibility or previous experience and Jane has choreographed some beautiful dances for us. I never miss a class if I can possibly help it.”
J.B. (Eastbourne)

“I really enjoy attending balletcise on a Thursday. We have a brilliant teacher who encourages everyone with understanding and humour, it’s a great way to exercise especially if you love to dance. I have made a lot of good friends, and would highly recommend the class even if you have never danced before”
D.A. (Eastbourne)

“I think Jane’s class is a lovely, gentle, low impact whole body workout with balletic music and movement. The dance routines are fun to learn and rewarding to accomplish, with or without ballet experience!”
C.G. (Alfriston)

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