Emma Robinson (O’Leary)

Emma Robinson (O’Leary) – Holistic Therapist, Multi Discipline


Good health means being in emotional, structural, physical, spiritual and mental balance.

  • BSc hons,LCSP assoc.
  • Corrective Deep Tissue Massage (Body Sculpting)
  • Reflexology
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Management
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Reiki Teaching and Treatments
  • Swiss Ball Training & Rehabilitation.
  • Native American Shamanic Healing Techniques
  • Native American animal card readings
  • Chakra/Energy Realignment
  • Cupping
  • Sound Healing
  • Quantam Laser

I have been in the Health and fitness industry since 1992 and have trained in England, North America and Mexico. I began my career in exercise physiology and later became a deep tissue massage therapist to complement my knowledge of biomechanical stress and dysfunction. I soon became interested in complementary therapies and have continued to learn and qualify in different types of healing that have shown themselves to be consistently beneficial for both myself and my clients.

Your treatment will be an integration of a variety of techniques depending on your individual requirements and no two treatments will be the same. I offer a unique massage experience incorporating; structural, deep tissue, myofacial techniques, energetic rebalancing and vibrational healing using sound and low level laser light.

Much of my training has been with traditional native healers who have taught me the ancient art of intuitively interpreting the body’s messages and signals, so I can offer insight into the metaphysical makeup of your condition.

In addition I have studied physical health from a quantum (sub cellular) level and therefore offer specific sound healing and quantum wave laser treatments to complement and facilitate health throughout all body systems from a very deep level.

I also run monthly workshops in shamanism and shamanic principles and am passionate about assisting people in celebrating and enjoying their life force.

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