Emma Peters

Emma Peters – Pilates Instructor


There is nothing more motivating that meeting someone with a stiff, aching back and helping them re-find a younger version of their physical self! Many people with back or joint complaints tend to move less in order to protect themselves. I found Pilates 13 years ago to help solve my own lower back problem so I totally sympathise with my anyone who is suffering! Pilates is a wonderful system of exercise that avoids stressing the joints and specifically targets the deeper muscles whose slackness is so often the cause of recurrent aches and pains. A regular Pilates workout is an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy that benefits all ages and levels of fitness.

  • Pilates Matwork Levels 2 & 3
  • Bokwa Level 1
  • ETM Level 2
  • Senior School Hockey and Junior Rugby Coach
  • Also BA Hons English and Dyslexia Teaching Cert (ages 11 – 18)

I am a non-judgemental, friendly person who has admiration for anyone who can put a little bit of time aside to exercise. Often I find women come to my classes as a way of preventing injury or to feel better afterwards, whereas men wait until they actually have an injury often! I adapt my class to the group and individuals within that group, so am equally at ease if you want to be pushed, or if you wish to build up very gently.


“Emma is a really lovely person who has made our weekly Pilates classes something to look forward to. For 3 years I have stuck with her and found it has made a huge difference to my back problem. I miss her very much and wish her luck in Eastbourne” LR, Horsham

“As a childminder I often had lower back pain due to lifting small but heavy toddlers. I started coming to see Emma once a week with my daughter and found it not only benefited me physically, but gave me that little bit of peace and calm to unwind from the day.” JB, Dorking

“Emma is always my favourite cover teacher for all my classes because she is popular with my loyal pilatees. She is a natural teacher who gets on with just about everyone. She likes to talk through each exercise fully before letting you go at your own pace, which seems to suit most people.” WM, (Pilates Instructor Level 4), Reigate

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