Heart Led Living Coaching

‘Inner Peace is your birthright. It’s time for your old story to collapse’

As a heart led living coach I focus only on the now, no rules or goals and therefore no restrictions.  We look at the past by looking at it in the present.

I can show you how to tune in and trust your own intuition. I have a natural ability to create a sacred space where you feel safe and heard. I use my intuition to guide you through the blocks you are not seeing.

Are you open to this?

Are you ready to release the stuff that is no longer serving? Are you ready to experience inner peace?

I teach others how to be captivated by true Love so that their heart flutters and they feel alive inside.

I am so grateful to be returning to NFC.  My daughter Willow was born in 2015 and her birth signified my birth as a mother.  She is for sure one of my greatest teachers. She teaches the true meaning of unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, boundaries and patience. Since her birth I have continued as part of a coaching programme often mentoring other coaches as well as maintaining my business on Skype.  It’s great to be back at NFC doing face to face sessions.


Kirsty Peckham                                                                  thecoachbythesea


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