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dawns-blogg19 muscles and 107 ligaments are used to control the motion of each foot how amazing is that?….. 

and there is a whole lot more such as cushioning bursa, connective tissues, veins, aponeurosis, retinaculum, arteries and nerves, skin and nails.

Its no wonder Queen Victoria had her own Podiatrist. She must have understood, in her forward thinking that:  ” if your feet hurt, there is something wrong”

If  you have pain or discomfort in the joints or the skin and nails? October may be a great opportunity for you to help yourself to better health. See my special offer below.

Joint pain:

As a therapist with a Podiatry degree I have seen a lot of people this year come for assessment and treatment for painful symptoms to their feet, ankles, knees and hips. Being insured and governed by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists is brilliant as I am able to access a wealth of resources, Society meetings and stay closely informed by the NHS. I use the very latest research to identify the condition and plan the best outcomes.

Pain is so unique and no two feet, legs, knees, hips are identical. Furthermore the body has really interesting ways of adapting to injury or a weaker side muscle group.

We agree a plan that works best for you!

For example, take an ‘ankle pain’:

It is really worth screening out a leg length discrepancy, or is it a specific muscle group, a bone, tendon, ligament, nerve or facial damage and looking at the evidence base to get the best clinical outcome for that diagnosis.

This year a lot of work has been around trigger points in the myofascia as well as modifying insoles. Most people relate well to their own bodies when they understand what terms like ‘trigger points, referred pain and myofacial release’ actually mean and the benefits of stretching and/or strengthening exercises can help this too.

I am very encouraged this year with people who are now addressing the cause of their pain rather than just treating the symptoms and wishing to reduce further damage as they go about their daily lives and hobbies.

Skin and Nails:

The skin and nails can get up to all sorts! From eczema to athletes foot (which can look very much like dry skin) or a corn which is very different from a HPV ( verrucae)

Let me help you find the best treatment to suit your condition.

Beautiful Nails:

This year I have introduced Drs Remedy a formaldehyde free nail treatment that is safe to use for people with diabetes and during pregnancy. The thick fungal nails you may see need not be a problem but may take a few treatments to improve. And of course some people just can’t reach their toes to cut themselves.


Sometimes it’s a case of ‘if the shoe fits’ and I am always happy to discuss footwear.

Here is a simple guide:

If any of the above resonates with you, I would love to see you for a consultation soon


New Patient Assessment

This includes the vascular ultrasound screening tests for circulation, motor, sensory and autonomic nerve health.

(please bring medicine list and shoe wear for specific advice to you).

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