Yoga for All

YOGA For ALL brings relaxation to body and mind through gentle postures (asanas), deep breathing (pranayama), and meditation (dhyanna).

Yoga can expand physical and mental awareness, build strength and flexibility, and increase energy levels. Postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation can help to rejuvenate and revitalise body and mind, and ease away stress and tension.

Modifications of the postures are included to accommodate those who are less experienced and more challenging variations are offered to those who have been practising yoga for longer so that everyone can work to their own abilities and derive maximum benefit from their practice.

  • Move at your own pace with clear instruction from experienced teachers, all of whom have a different approach.
  • Click on a name on the timetable below to get to know each one better.
  • Mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Wear comfortable clothing with layers that can be removed during the more dynamic sections.
  • No shoes are required.
  • All classes last for 60mins.

Click here to read What is Yoga?

Yoga for All Class Timetables

Tuesday11:45 – 12:45Jane Montague
£8 per lesson
Tuesday18:00 – 19:00Jan Styles£8 per lessson
Wednesday10:40 – 11:40Jan Styles£8 per lessson
Thursday19:15 – 20:30Lynne Matthews£10 per lessson

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