Pilates Classes in Eastbourne

Our Pilates instructors at our fitness centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex, offer exercise classes for beginners and intermediates. Please contact us for further information, or see below for our timetable of Pilates classes.

What is Pilates?

Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

Pilates concentrates on awareness of the spine, regulated breathing, core strength and flexibility, promoting a flatter stomach and a stronger back. With correct instruction Pilates can also help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, increase joint mobility and relieve stress and tension.

Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Our Pilates Instructors offer high levels of individual attention and encouragement to progress at a pace suited to the individual.

The Eight Matwork Principles

1. Concentration

Being mindful of your body and its movements and being constantly aware of exactly what you are doing.

2. Relaxation

being able to let go and release. Finding the key to unlocking unnecessary tension we all hold in our bodies.

3. Breathing

Correctly oxygenates the blood and increases circulation. Think of breath as a tool to enhance and ease your movements.

4. Alignment

Involves undoing bad postural habits that we have all picked up over the years. Restoring good natural alignment in standing, sitting, side lying, prone position and semi-supine.

5. Centring

Core strength comes from your powerhouse, you move away but always come back to your centre, or girdle of strength. Each and every movement performed requires a focus around your midsection.

6. Control

Pilates focuses on complete control of your body by your mind. This is setting you up for general everyday movements, avoiding injury, strain, or back posture.

7. Flow

Pilates uses combinations of concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle work restoring correct natural movement patterns. Flow combines grace and control, distinguishing Pilates from other fitness regimes.

8. Stamina

we aim to improve strength and endurance by continually challenging core muscles. Each class you do you will notice benefits and if it’s suitable moving through our different level classes.

Pilates Class Timetables – all courses run for 4 weeks

Monday10:35 – 11:35
PILATES IMPROVERDorotaCourse - £34
Monday11:45 – 12:45PILATES IMPROVERDorotaCourse - £34
Monday18:00 – 19:00PILATES IMPROVERDorotaCourse - £34
Monday19.05 – 20.05PILATES FOUNDATIONDorotaCourse - £34
Tuesday08:30 – 09:30PILATES FOUNDATIONWendyCourse - £34
Tuesday09:35 - 10:35PILATES IMPROVER +WendyCourse - £34
Tuesday10:40 - 11:40PILATES IMPROVERWendyCourse - £34
Tuesday19.05 - 20.05PILATES IMPROVERAndreaCourse - £34
Tuesday20.10 - 21.10PILATES FOUNDATIONAndreaCourse - £34
Wednesday08.30 - 09.30PILATES IMPROVEREmmaCourse - £34
Wednesday09:35 - 10:35PILATES FOUNDATIONAlisonCourse - £34
Wednesday18:30 - 19:30PILATES FOUNDATIONTracyCourse - £34
Wednesday19:35 - 20:35PILATES IMPROVERTracyCourse - £34
Thursday08.25 - 09.25PILATES FOUNDATIONAlisonCourse - £34
Thursday10:35 - 11:35PILATES FOUNDATIONDorotaCourse - £34
Thursday11:45 - 12:45PILATES IMPROVERDorotaCourse - £34
Thursday18:00 - 19:00PILATES IMPROVERDorotaCourse - £34
Friday08:30 - 09:30PILATES FOUNDATIONWendyCourse - £34
Friday09:35 - 10:35PILATES IMPROVER +WendyCourse - £34
Friday10:40 - 11:40PILATES IMPROVERWendyCourse - £34
Friday17:30 - 18:30PREGNANCY PILATES TracyCourse - £34
Saturday11:00 - 12:00PILATES - Mixed LevelEmmaCourse - £34

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