A Trip Down Memory Lane

I just can’t believe that the Natural Fitness Centre has been open for 14 years this month……… I look back and see what an amazing amount of changes have taken place. In the studio we began with 3 Yoga classes, 6 Pilates Classes and 1 Tai Chi

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Extra Special offers for Alexander Technique

£25 for first lesson and £25 for second lesson booked during October The Alexander Technique is for people interested in health the natural way Essentially Alexander lessons can help you to stop fighting your body – a losing battle! It is like “taking the breaks off” by

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FEET FIRST with Diabetes

I’m Dawn and I am the new Chiropodist/Podiatrist at the Natural Fitness Centre. “Part of my Podiatry degree training was to look into the damaging effects diabetes has on the body and I was surprised to find that its the feet where problems show up first.   It

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Alexander Technique – Get up, get moving, get going, get AT it… with ease

Many of us are hassled by tension and stress, even though we do the recommended exercise, follow the advice to get moving.    But how can the Alexander Technique help? According to the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) there is another solution: focus less on

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HOW DOES STRESS AFFECT YOU? Stress is created by your thoughts and anticipation of what will happen next. There are two types of stress: Good Stress, and Bad Stress. Good stress is the type that helps you to function positively and with enthusiasm, like waiting excitedly for something you’ve

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