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In many instances Complementary Health sessions are very helpful in treating a myriad of ailments and injuries, here at The Natural Fitness Centre we have many highly skilled Practitioners and Teachers to assist you and make your life that bit better.

People often get confused when so many of the activities seem to claim the same results. When considering a therapy or treatment for the first time we suggest following the 4 R’s:

Recommendations from family or friends. They may not necessarily have the same condition as you but it will give you the confidence to explore if they have had good results.

Research your condition and see what resonates with you. Use your gut instinct to help guide you to what’s right for you.

Read this website Staff Profiles or Therapy list or the individual leaflets our therapists have. See if you like the sound of the person offering the treatment/therapy.

Reception we have a team of highly knowledgeable Reception Staff who know all our Therapists and what they specialise in. Often we can ‘personality match’ you to the right one.

Also; our therapists will be happy to discuss any specific conditions in person or via phone before you commit to your first session.


Pilates was created in the 1920’s specifically for use in rehabilitation following injury, illness or hereditary conditions. It is therefore excellent for people with back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee conditions. In fact about 95% of our clients first come to us with problems in these areas.

We have seen some excellent results over the years with people experiencing reduced or no pain after years of suffering. Improving their quality of life and continuing favourite sports and pastimes well into later years. For further information please contact us and ask for Alison who will be happy to answer any questions.  – Read more here …


Yoga can also fill the same or all of the above criteria. There are many more types of Yoga to explore and it can take some time to discover the most suitable one for you. Often people are put off by perhaps going first to a class that is too challenging or not challenging enough. We often measure by our first experience of something.

Also with Yoga you will be guided through deep relaxation, meditation and an element of spirituality. How much of this will depend very much on the approach of each teacher and the length of the class. Please remember that it is always your choice, how much of this side of Yoga you decide to embrace. Nothing will ever be forced on you! – Read more here …

In Summary

I hope this short guide helps to bring a little more clarity to the world of complementary health. Because we are open long hours, have so many years of training and so much expertise under one roof, we are in a unique position to discuss many different illnesses, diseases, conditions, injuries etc. All our staff will act with confidentiality and empathy and if we believe something is not right for you, or if we think something else might be more beneficial we will advise you accordingly.

Please just call, pop in or email us and we will always do our best to help.

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